About Us

BLUTEC is a computer services company based on the expertise of software engineers specialized in information systems based on the latest technologies.

In addition to their individual careers, the founder and the members of the team have a combined total of more than 15 years of collaboration in IT projects for companies covering different areas (Maritime, Refinery, Apparel …).

In addition to computer skills, they also have the professional skills and expertise associated with the information and processes used by these types of business.

BLUTEC targets SMEs / SMIs and assists companies in defining, implementing and monitoring their information system based on the use of IT technologies. Our difference comes from the expertise of our staff and the quality process that we incorporate into every project with the goal of total customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide an effective information system for your business that brings you:

  • Effective management of your business interactions.
  • Cost reduction through process optimization.
  • Significant time savings.
  • Increased volume and quality of information exchanged.

Contact us today for an informal discussion about your goals for your company and how BLUTEC can help you achieve them. Find out how we’ve already worked with many organizations to bring them IT solutions for business advantage.